Welcome to our new site.  We hope that you come back regularly to read and see more updates about Edenhope history.   This is our first “post”.  In the future we will add heaps of interesting stuff and keep you posted on all sorts of things about history that will be happening in and around Edenhope.

We would love to have some guest bloggers, so if you are interested just let us know, send an email or catch up with Alec McDougall, Geoff Langsworth or Jan Lampard ….. come on I am sure there are lots of Edenhopians (current or past) who might have a story or two to share or an interesting photo.   We can publish a photo, an audio track or even video.  Use the contact page on this site to get in touch – would love to hear from you.



6 responses to “OUR FIRST WEBPAGE!

  1. Congratulations, your new webpage looks terrific, and already has some interesting material to look at – I liked particularly the collage of photos of Lake Wallace. I certainly hope it does fill again!

    Best wishes,

    Lenore Frost
    Convenor, History Victoria Support Group, RHSV.

  2. Hello Edenhope – what a lovely blog – shall be back to check often. Really liked the photograph of the interior of the printing office – that is a subject I follow a little.

    Off to check your facebook page



  3. Seeing you like printing offices, I draw your attention to a very nice one managed by the Broadford Historical Society, if you ever have occasion to wander up the Hume Highway. I think they just closed the doors when the newspaper ceased, so the interior with machinery was intact. It was later moved out of the centre of town to the outskirts to join a former primary school building, a slab hut and a machinery shed, all moved for preservation purpses.

  4. Hi Lenore,

    Well, fancy meeting you here! I have been to the outside of that building (where there is a Bills trough), but it wasn’t open at that time. Although I do want to go back there – heard all about it when I was in Canberra for a workshop with the secretary from there. Sounds really interesting.


  5. great webpage will be checking back soon looking for George Edward Munn and his wife Jessie Selina Watson both born Edenhope there the story stops love to find some background were they important in the community like other Munns have been ? The mystery thickens.

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