Do you have any information about Edenhope War Veterans to share on the new Victorian Veterans Virtual Museum?

Edenhope War Memorial

Edenhope War Memorial

The Victorian War Heritage Inventory was developed in partnership with Heritage Victoria. It is a searchable online database containing information and images of places relating to Victoria’s war history including war memorials, avenues of honour, places of commemoration and former defence sites. Users can search for places according to keyword, postcode, region, type of heritage, or conflict commemorated.

War-related heritage in Victoria: a report War-related heritage in Victoria was commissioned by DCPD and gives an overview of the extent and nature of war-related heritage in the state such as memorials, commemorative buildings, honour rolls and memorabilia. The report estimates the number of war memorials and other sites, and explores the preservation of moveable heritage through a series of case studies involving collections in RSLs, local historical societies and community museums.

World War One unit histories

In partnership with the State Library of Victoria the Veterans Unit has digitised many of Victoria’s World War One unit (battalion) histories. A number of these books were originally published in the 1920s and are now rare. This important online library can be read from any computer with access to the web.

‘In our words’ digital stories

The Virtual Museum also hosts the ‘In our words’ digital stories recorded with Victorian veterans over the past two years. They include personal accounts of war and repatriation by World War Two, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans which make compelling viewing. This project is still underway in partnership with the Shrine of Remembrance and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).


6 responses to “Do you have any information about Edenhope War Veterans to share on the new Victorian Veterans Virtual Museum?

  1. Alec McDougall has lots of inf re my grandfather Jack McDougall and my father Jimmy McDougall ….. keep up the great work..I love looking at Historic Edenhope …. Beth Johnson

  2. Hi Beth, trouble is some people are a bit scared and don’t know how to use the technology – maybe the grandkids can help if he could send the info and photos etc to someone in the family. Let us know how you get on.

  3. John Thompson

    James Tansey who is listed on the war memorial was my grandfather. His daughter my mother and two of her three sisters still live in Melbourne. James died in an accident at work in 1934 and is buried in Warragul cemetery in Victoria.

  4. Roslyn Garden

    I have information on John Thomas Peach who died as a POW at Sandarkan, Borneo

  5. My uncle William Rupert Hoare of Apsley was killed on the Somme battlefield in France on 25/7/1916. In 1999 with my wife we found his grave and laid flowers in the Serre Road Cementry near after travelling by train from Paris – Ameins- Albert. Arriving on a Fiday we could only hire rusty old bikes and rode through the rain nearly hecoming casualties ourselves as the French hunting season had started that weekend ! I would be happy to write an account if it would be of interest to the Edenhope Historical Society

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