Monument to our Pioneers

Kevin and Pearl Summerhayes donated this monument to the Edenhope community in recognition of the pioneers of the Edenhope District.  Most Pioneer Settlers in the Edenhope District took up farming, represented by the plough and wheel.  This work was mainly done by horses represented by the water trough.   Edenhope was also the route taken by the Chinese going to the goldfields  near Bendigo. These Chinese were great market gardeners and stonemasons, and are represented by the Chinaman, the stone walls and the water can.  The stone that the plaque is mounted on came from the original Lake Wallace Hotel and would have also been shaped by Chinese Stonemasons.

Most urban dwellers in the town would have drawn their water from a well, represented by the hand pump.  In 1878 the court house  building  was built and officially opened in 1879 to serve the pioneers of the district.  The flag poles represent the great loyalty and patriotism that these pioneers had for their Queen and country that continues to this day.

On 27th November , 2011 and unveiling of the Monument to Our Pioneers took place with local member for the Lowan Electorate, The Hon. Hugh Delahunty, MP,  in attendance.  Descendants of pioneer families were invited and a total of 24 locals participated by ‘sprinkling’ water on the monument.

Some of the families represented were : Bull, Kealy, Edwards, Caldow, Pahl, Ryan,  McDonald, Cranage, Cassidy, Hamiton, Mahoney,  Dixon, Reader, Robertson, Tansey, Whitehead, Sambell, Lampard amongst others.

The Hon. Hugh Delahunty MP, member for Lowan helped Kevin unveil the plaque.  Did you know Edenhope was the Port capital of Australia?  Well that’s  what Hugh said his research told him.  An interesting speech.


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