A 50th anniversary celebration of the opening of the ‘new” hall at Douglas will be held on the 19th August, 2012, at 12 noon.    It will be in the hall and will take the form of a byo lunch to share.  Everyone welcome to attend.  Enquiries please contact  Elizabeth Costello  (03)  9598  9390

This is the “old hall” 1906


This is the “new hall’  1962


Senator Harrie Wade OBE officially opened the ‘new’ hall at a Gala Ball on the 17th August, 1962.   The hall replaced the original hall which was opened on the 24th August, 1906.

The ‘new’ Mt. Gambier stone public hall was built by Kevin Healey of Hamilton for five thousand, six hundred and eighty-seven pounds ($11,374) and the dance floor was made of Australian Ash timber.   It was an occasion to be remembered.   Two of the district’s former residents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bull, who had retired to Portland, were given the honour of being the first couple to dance on the new floor.   Their grand-daughter, Miss Norma Shrive, partnered by Mr. Robert Haddon, was Star of the Ball.   Many hundreds of locals and visitors danced the night away to Stephenson’s Orchestra from Cavendish and Mr. Jack Ross was M.C.   Earlier the same evening about sixty former residents were entertained at a high tea in the supper room.   The Hall Committee President at the time was Mr. Ian McLachlan and the Secretary, Mr. Stan Hobbs.


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