Compiled by Gerard Cranage & updated by Yvonne McDonnell

(Please note this is a “work in progress” list being compiled by the society and any comments, amendments or additions” to this list are welcome.  Please comment at the end of the page or  contact us if you have further information to contribute).

1852  Mail was delivered weekly to the area by packhorse from Hamilton, then known as the Grange.

1857  First settlers, predominantly English, Scottish and Irish built homes in the area now known as Edenhope.

1858  Cobb & Co first passenger to Edenhope

1861  Pastoral & Agricultural Society was formed in Apsley and moved to Edenhope in 1876.

1862  Survey of Edenhope township completed by surveyor G.W. Langford & gazetted 8th January .

1863  First sale of town allotments. The upset price was $16 per acre or $8 per ½ acre.1863            Common School opened by a Mr. Baker – weekly fee of 6pence per child.

1864  Population of Edenhope & District estimated at 120 people.

1864  Church of England Parsonage built.

1867 Aboriginal Cricket Team left Edenhope 16th September.

1868  Catfish, blackfish and eel released into Lake Wallace by William Hayman.

1868  Rival school opened by a Mr. McLeod.

1868  Presbyterian Church opened in Elizabeth Street, 21st September.

1868  1st Catholic church erected (then part of Harrow Parish)

1869  First regatta held on Lake Wallace.

1873  Mr. McLeod’s school becomes Edenhope State School No 817.

1875  Dr. McCausland of Edenhope appointed as one of the Shire’s Health Officers.

1878  Shire Council released Perch fish in Lake Wallace.

1882  Mechanics Institute was built.

1885  Police Station and Post Office built in Edenhope.    

1894  First earthen courts were scraped for tennis on the foreshore.

1905  A by-law passed by Council regulating the control of motor traffic speed through the shire towns. The limits were 8mph in town and 15mph in the country.

1913  Bush Nursing Centre opened.

1922  Soldiers’ War Memorial unveiled, corner Elizabeth & Anne Streets.

1922  Avenue of Elm Trees planted from War Memorial to Lake Street.

1927  Golf Course pegged out in virgin scrub. The late Jack West fenced it.

1930  Race Course established on its new site; now “The Bush Flemington.”

1931  First Race meeting on new course.

1930  Bush Nursing Hospital erected….check 1932

1932  New Presbyterian Church opened 10th December.

1934  240-volt direct current electricity was provided to a small portion of town’s folk.

Alf & Rupe Bird used a diesel engine to provide the service from the site of the former CBA Bank, now the Bendigo Bank. It operated for limited hours from dark until midnight with an hour ironing time on Tuesday afternoons.

1936  Presbyterian Manse was built ….

1945  New toilet block built on foreshore. Grant provided by the Public Works Department.

1946  First secondary classes established at The Show Pavillion.

1947  Water reticulation provided for the town from Lake Wallace.

1948  Edenhope High School opened on land provided by E.J. Cranage. Former army huts were used as temporary classrooms. Head teacher: Mr. Phil Downes.

1950  St. Malachy’s Parish of Edenhope formed – Fr. Healy the priest.

195..  New hotel built in the early 50’s ……

1953  Edenhope Consolidated and Higher Elementary School opened.

1953  1954 Volunteer Ambulance service established.

1953  St. Malachy’s school and convent established.  8th January 1953 the Convent and the School  was opened by Rev J P O’Collins, Bishop of Ballarat

1954  Robert Schultz took over the power supply and converted to alternate current, providing the whole town with continuous service.

1956  State School rooms moved to the lake site.

1958  Back to Edenhope centenary celebrations.

1959  School building became a High School.

1963  New Vicarage opened…..

1964  Original All Soul’s damaged by fire and later sold to Lutheran congregation.

1964  New District Hospital erected.

1964  State Electricity Commission bought the private power supply.

1965  New golf clubhouse erected.

1965  Lake Wallace overflows in September.

1966  All Soul’s Anglican Church and manse dedicated …

1966  First services held in Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Elizabeth Street. Pastor John Lloyd was the first minister.

1968  Meals -on-wheels service established.

1968  Presbyterian Manse replaced with a new brick building.

1970  Ambulance Station erected; fully manned.

1973  Lake Wallace overflows in October.

1973  Durong Tennis Club amalgamates with Edenhope Tennis Club; 6 new courts by the lake.

1974  Lake Wallace overflows in August.

1976  Centenary Pastoral & Agricultural Show held.

1977  Presbyterian Church became The Uniting Church.

1977  Sewerage system opened for Edenhope at a cost of $1.3million.

1981  (Major) …….Extensions to the hospital.

1981  Edenhope Racecourse bar/luncheon building erected.

1981  Lake Wallace overflows in August.

1981  New Catholic Church opened.  

1984  Lake Wallace overflows in September.

1986  New football clubrooms erected.

1987  Lake Wallace overflows in August.

1988 Lake Wallace overflows in June

1990  Lawn Cemetery opens

1990  Football clubrooms extended to include netball facilities …. Edenhope and Apsley Football and Netball clubs amalgamate.

1990  Kowree Sports Centre, including swimming pool built for $670,000.

1991  Lake Wallace overflows in September.

1992  Lake Wallace overflows in October.

1994  Edenhope all weather Airstrip opened with illuminated strip; much used by Air-ambulance.

1994  Kowree Farm Tree Group planted trees along drain into back swamp.

1995  Water & Sewerage function taken over by Grampians Water.

1997  Water Treatment plant installed.

1997  Lakes Hostel erected on Hospital grounds.

1997  Elsie Bennett Community Centre erected beside the Hostel.

1999  Local resident Jim Greenhill wins $10 million in Tattslotto.

2000  Commonwealth Bank in Elizabeth Street closes.

2000  Edenhope & Apsley football clubs merge to form Edenhope/Apsley Football Club.

2001  Edenhope P-12  new College building opened for use; officially opened in 2004 when Stage 1 & Stage 2 both completed.

2001  Lake Wallace at its lowest level in living memory.

2002  Lake Wallace lower still – water approx 400metres from the end of the pier on April 12th.

2003  The BIG DRY photo taken on Lake Wallace.

2006  New tennis courts erected by the lake.

2006  Edenhope gets a new Police Station ……

2006  Baton Relay comes to Edenhope…..

2006  Edenhope gets a Fish from the Commonwealth Games

2006 Edenhope gets new Police Station

2006  Langkoop remembers with WW1 Plaque

2006  Dawnmock Cleaning Service celebrates 14 years.

2007  Plaque unveiling to commemorate Jallakin and Ozenkadnook State School sites.

2007  Visitor Information Centre celebrates 10th anniversary.

2012 The Edenhope Pastoral and Agricultural Society Inc. celebrate 150 year anniversary (17th November)


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  1. Hi great website. To my memory catholic school opened in 1953 not 1951 as my class was the first group of Preps to attend. Keep up great work
    Anna Gleeson

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